Social networks advertising has quicky moved from being an unknown to being a necessity. Serious and up-to-date profiles speak a lot about your bussiness. They are a great way to inform your potential buyers in a quality and assuring manner.
Besides, you do not have any geographical or timing restrictions due to social networks availability to everyone, everywhere and anytime.


Almost every first contact that your bussiness has with the market is through photography. There is no second chance for first impression, so take no risks. Additionally, bad quality photos will make some people think that you even do bussiness in the same way.
DMS provides professional photographic services for objects, events, food and beverages, as well as aerial photographs and photographs in the studio.

DMS Video Production is an original way to stand out and to show yourself in the best way, using newest methods and technologies. 
Our team takes care of complete procces of production, starting from script writing, organizing potential castings, all the way to the location scouting, recording and final post-production.

We can create various types of web-pages, starting from basic, presentation sites, all the way up to complex web pages with sophsticated reservation and e-comerce systems. Also, we provide maintenance and regular updating of your web-pagesBesides, our IT sector has skills to create mobile device apps, both for Android and iOS platform.  Contents, possibilities and complexity of an app is confined only by your needs and imagination.

Creatively, quickly and efficently is how we try to solve all your problems and needs regarding graphic design. Whether it is logo creation, designing a billboard or a menu, preparing brochure or a total branding, we are sure to find a solution which will meet and even overcome your standards.
We organize various types of corporative celebrations, conferences and scientific gatherings. We are engaged in the organization from the beginning with the sole goal of making you come to your own event as a satisfied guest.
DMS Tours & Rentals is a daughter-company of DMS Solutions, specialized in organizing tours, transfers and vehicle rental. We have various types of vehicles, including affordable city cars, comfortable passenger cars and vans all the way to the high-class luxurious cars.
We can print all types and sizes, adjusting to your needs and providing you with bussines cards, menus, wine cards, flyers, brochures, publications and so on. Besides, we do vehicle, vessels and buildings branding..

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